The story behind the brand

Our name and logo are inspired from the Sempervivum, a plant that never ages. The name Sempervivum has its origin in the Latin semper (“always”) and vivus (“living”) because this perennial plant is highly resistant to difficult conditions of growth.  

The story behind the Founders

The Team

SemperConnect was founded by a team of physicians, healthcare business leaders and caregivers with a passion for improving access to care for Canadians.

The Process

This team met in university, pursued individual professional paths and reconnected through their mutual interests in working and caring for the aging Canadian population. Recognizing the complexities in navigating the healthcare system through their own experiences ignited a desire to build an innovative approach to delivering high-quality, accessible care.

The solution, SemperConnect, is a product of many of years of insights and experience, built to help our aging population and their caregivers receive the services they need to live more fulfilling and independent lives at home.


Our founding team includes Physicians with extensive clinical experience working in family medicine, emergency medicine and palliative care in Canada and the US. We have worked with the University Health Network, Trillium Health Partners, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Our Founders also brings corporate healthcare and investments experience with Bain & Company, The World Bank and The Wharton School, as well as public health experience with Harvard and Columbia Universities.

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