Covid 19 Precautions

For your safety and for the protection of our vulnerable population, we are committed to providing an environment that is safe for our members, their families and our service providers.   

Your safety is our top priority.

We have implemented a number of proactive measures to minimize the risk to our members. We are in ongoing communication with local public health officials and continue to adhere to all the guidelines and directives set forth by provincial and regional health authorities. Our team members are trained to practice and abide by proper infection control and management protocols.  

Our physician team serve on multiple task forces that focus on COVID 19 safety measures and management in order to stay on top of this pandemic, and keep all those we work with and those that work with us, safe and healthy. We are committed to being here for our members, their families and our team members as together we fight this virus. 


Only those Service Providers who pass all screenings may proceed with the scheduled home visit.

  • Strict active screening procedures: All service providers are screened for health, travel and temperature the day before and immediately before every visit with our members and all our team’s health is monitored and tracked daily. Each service provider will have to abide by our rigorous screening checklist set out by our physician team based on uptodate guidelines and restrictions. 
  • All service providers are bound by contract to adhere to our safety practice and policy guidelines, including the wearing of masks and personal protective equipment at all times. 
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols: Additional cleaning measures designed to eliminate risk of contact on surfaces, are being done often throughout the visit.
  • Enhanced disinfection of items collected during errands: Disinfecting items purchased or picked up prior to bringing them into the member’s home. 
  • Service providers are trained in risk mitigation strategies when running errands to protect themselves including planning their route to minimize stops, using self-checkout to reduce the handling of items, avoiding touching surfaces or face, physical distancing and frequent hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is >70% alcohol based.
  • To limit the number of interactions, each service provider is working with a limited, specific group of clients wherever possible. 
  • Public health protocols: At home and at members’ residences, Service Providers are practicing frequent hand-washing, no face-touching, limiting contact with others and staying apart by at least 2m (6ft) whenever they can. It will also be of best practice for our members to have limited people in their homes during their appointments
  • Personal Protective Equipment: To prevent the spread, our team is equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment and has been trained on how to properly apply and remove it.
  • Committed to Social Distancing When Not Working:  Service Providers are to avoid all large group events until further notice or further changes mandated by the Provincial government; and to follow best hygiene practices always – in and out of Members homes.
  • Practicing Self-Isolation:Any service provider who is feeling unwell is directed to self-isolate immediately for 14 days and not participate in any SemperConnected activities during this period. 
  • To also ensure that our service providers are protected and safe, we are going to mandate a no charge or cancellation fee if a member or their family member  has developed COVID 19 symptoms or has had a COVID 19 exposure. 

Stay safe by staying at home.

Our entire model is based on the premise to help you live healthy independent lives at home. With COVID 19, the safest thing is to stay at home.  Our team is ready to take on those tasks that require you to leave the house; we can coordinate all the care that you need, including daily tasks and chores, and will use virtual options whenever possible. Our mission is to increase your confidence and reduce your concerns about how to stay safe at home; ask us how we can help.

For more information about our extensive COVID 19 preparedness plan and protocols, please connect with us and we would be happy to share further details with you.

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