The Problem

Canadian seniors currently rely on a “volunteer workforce” of 3.3M free, informal caregivers, the equivalent of 275K fulltime employees.

Families are having fewer children and the demand on their time is growing, leaving less time to care for aging members of the family.

Seniors and caregivers spend a great deal of time, energy and resourcesnavigating a complex healthcare system that is filled with many barriers and obstacles.

Although demand for long-term care beds has been growing at 15%+ annually for the past 5 years, supply has been capped causing waitlists to grow.

As a result, more Seniors are left with fewer affordable options to age independently with the support they need.

The Solution

Our Care Concierge team, with years of experience working with Seniors in Canada will take the time to understand your unique situation and connect you with high quality services aimed at helping you or your loved ones live more independently at home.

Find out what your personal Care Concierge can do for you or your loved one today!

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